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New Life for the Lifer Project


Believe it or not, we still have inmates in this country serving life sentences on marijuana charges.

The Marijuana Lifer Project is a non-profit with a mission to free the prisoners of the war on drugs, through advocacy, education, and ultimately, clemency. But facing a Donald Trump presidency, the Marijuana Lifer Project faced an identity crisis. How does an organization built on achieving clemency for its inmates contend with a decidedly anti-cannabis executive branch? It would be our job to breathe new life into this organization so vital to our community.

We began with an updated logo to evoke the magnitude of a life behind bars, but portray the feel of a modern, professional organization.

We restructured, wrote, and designed the new site from scratch to foreground the stories behind the inmates. The site integrates clemency petitions, donation modules, social media, and blog functionality so we aren’t just collecting contributions — we’re inviting visitors into our community and turning donors into advocates.

The launch of the new branding and website for The Marijuana Lifer Project revitalized the organization as it works to heal the wounds of the misguided war on weed.

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