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A quantity of quick, bite-sized messages can often be more effective than a single, big budget piece of creative. Social offers the opportunity to deliver content consistently, cheaply, and immediately, with direct engagement.

Margolin & Lawrence offers licensing services to cannabis businesses in California and beyond. Their marketing requires a media approach that reflects their B2B objectives. We found that instagram was a great way to connect directly with cannabis business operators. It has the strongest cannabis presence of any social media platform, and accounts are often run by high-level operators.

We curated and designed content for Margolin & Lawrence that provided value to its followers, accomplished its business objectives, and elevated the brand from a messy series of snapshots to a trusted source for cannabis business information.


Our social content strategy for Margolin & Lawrence involved a few different types of posts, mixed strategically to accomplish their business goals.

NEWS: Everyone wants to know that their lawyer is in tune with the latest news and legislation. By curating, designing, and sharing the day’s top cannabis legal news over the Margolin & Lawrence social accounts, we positioned them as the lawyers who don’t just have the news, but provide the news.


BLOG: The Margolin & Lawrence blog shares legal op-eds from the firm’s attorneys. It builds SEO presence, positions M&L as an information authority, and drives traffic to the website. We designed and curated daily social posts promoting the Margolin & Lawrence blog, across all social media platforms.


MEDIA: A strong presence in digital and broadcast media was essential to our M&L marketing plan, as they vied for supremacy in the LA market. With a consistent media presence on social, we build their credibility as a firm of thought leaders in the space.


PERSONAL: Founding partner Allison Margolin is a recognizable character in the Los Angeles cannabis community. She can be seen at California courthouses, cannabis conferences, and industry events. Her presence on the M&L social media offers a personal look into the daily events at the firm, and highlights her depth of experience in cannabis law.


PROMOTIONAL: The final component of our M&L social media strategy works the hardest from a sales perspective. Promotional posts are ad-like objects around events and brand videos that we create, often focusing on a particular service that the firm offers, or an upcoming regulatory deadline.



Ancillary businesses have more freedom when it comes to paid social advertising, as they aren’t “plant-touching” businesses. For Margolin & Lawrence, we implemented paid Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube ads to reach people beyond our core followers, invite them into our community, and expand our sales ecosystem.

CREATION: Our award winning creatives draw from their broad range of experience working on Fortune 500 brands, while assessing all work through the lens of a cannabis-focused company. The result for Margolin & Lawrence was a social ad campaign that was both highly memorable and clickable.


TARGETING: Each county and has its own cannabis regulations. Paid social presents the opportunity to deliver highly localized ads to key areas, with messaging tailored to relevant local legislation. Together with Margolin & Lawrence, we tracked local legislatures around California, and used geographic, demographic and psychegraphic data to deliver the right messages to the right cannabis business operators.

MAINTENANCE: While ancillary businesses are technically permitted to run paid ads on social networks, it doesn’t come without major challenges. The algorithms devised to block social ads with “drug content” nearly always (erroneously) flag ads promoting ancillary cannabis businesses. It takes persistent appeals with social channels to ensure that ads run properly. In the case of Margolin & Lawrence, we won nearly all of our Facebook appeals and consistently ran effective ads that drove traffic, boosted call volume, and complied with network guidelines.

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