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Accountants See Green in 2018


Accounting firm Lincoln Systems has been protecting its clients against government audit for over 30 years. With a leadership team that has worked both for and against the IRS, they have built a strong practice based on their unique insider knowledge of state and federal tax code.

With the cannabis industry’s rapid growth, Lincoln Systems saw an opportunity to enter a new market with nuanced compliance laws, cash transactions, and an environment poised to produce plenty of audits at all levels.

However, they wanted to enter the cannabis market without alienating their existing base of clients. So, together, we built a new brand for Lincoln Systems’ cannabis specialty.

We created a simple, modern, approachable logo and a website that is user-friendly, highly informative, and positions GreenMrkt as the leader in cannabis audit preparation and representation.

With a new name, a new logo, and a new website, the accountants at GreenMrkt enter the cannabis industry poised to overtake brands who have worked in this niche for years.

Let's Work Together

Whether you're a thriving cannabis business or a seed of an idea, your growth is our mission. Drop us a line, and lets collaborate.

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